Air Import

Just as manufacturers of quality products source the best raw materials to engineer their goods, Geoz’s network of established experts, coordinate the movement of your supply chain materials, providing the service and information you need, when you need it.

Air Export

Export via air is typically reserved for shipments with pressing time constraints and is essential for fulfilling fast delivery times. At Geoz we take air export to a new level, delivering progress updates at regular intervals, and taking full advantage of the most feasible lanes and transit times—going above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Ocean Import

As the oldest mode of transportation, ocean freight has been essential to world trade and remains viable to this day. It is also the origin of the term shipping, for which we have a far-reaching network of ocean import lanes as varied and diverse as our customers. Whether you need a fast or regular shipping lane, our expert ocean operators will help you land on the right choice for you.

GEOZ is the brain-child and ambition of two entrepreneurs eager to revitalize the logistics industry’s standards of service and communication. In 2020, GEOZ Global launched with the support of an impressive network with a worldwide coverage of the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.


Gustavo Ceballos


Mauro Rodriguez

Vice President

Why Us?

  • Our organizing principle of simplicity enables us to run a streamlined, sustainable operation that provides our customers exceptional service and attention.
  • A simplified system means you can count on our process to be efficient: meaning, accelerated decision-making at all levels, clear communication during the sales process with updates at every stage thereafter; from the acceptance of the quote, to credit approval and shipment delivery.
  • Our intention is to know our customers’ logistics requirements and deliver thoughtfully above and beyond their expectations.

Mission Statement

To deliver world-class global logistics services to all our customers, no matter the size of their account, by adopting simplicity as a guiding philosophy for efficient, sustainable and responsive business practices and nurturing a team of talented professionals who are supported in their efforts to navigate customers’ needs with the urgency they deserve.